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It's a complicated world, saturated with information.  Demographically complex, we are fabulously wealthy in our most valuable resource:  people--and their opinions.  pfc Opinion Research can help you mine these valuable opinions in several ways:

     Δ  Recruiting:   We are expert custom recruiters, with more than thirty years of experience.  Medical, Executive, B2B and Technical recruiting are specialties!

     Δ  Qualitative Research:   IDI, Ethnographies, Focus Groups.  We are here for you, at every step of the way:  screener composition, recruiting, moderating and setting up every detail to achieve and complete your fact-finding and/or opinion-polling mission. 

     Δ  Quantitative Research:   Local, national, international--we are pros at conducting telephone, on-line, street intercept, and in-person market studies.  We can help you write and implement an effective questionnaire, too.

     Δ  Tabbing/Coding/Reporting:  Once your results are in, we'll be happy to help you organize the results with our up-to-date software and conscientious staff.

     Δ  Database Management:  Contest management, reader surveys, respondent lists--we can easily work with any information that can be compiled and reorganized.

     Δ  Field Liaison:  Can't be in town for the duration of the study?  "Deputize' us to keep an eye on things to ensure that your methodology is being carried out precisely.

We are expert at interpersonal communication, both with you, as the client, and with respondents, whose opinions are our focus.  We are dedicated to working closely with you in the pursuit of presenting you with a finished product, accurately and on time.
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